Squad changes June 2019

  • June 1, 2019

Please see details of changes to squads and times which will take effect on Mon 3rd June.  The changes are to allow us to provide all swimmers with training suitable to their current ability and their attitude towards training.  Those moving squads will be contacted over the weekend. Some of the squads are also changing name, to reflect those in the group and to align us with our neighbours at Beccles, who we will be working with more closely going forward.

County Squad.    No change to training times and no movers, but the squad will be renamed as “Seniors”

Competitive squad.   Sunday training was from 5 till 6pm and will change to 5.30 till 7pm from Sun 9th June. The Monday session for the squad will be cancelled from 3rd June.   The longer session on Sunday is more suitable and by removing the Monday session we would like to encourage increased attendance at the morning sessions on Tue, Thur and Saturday.

Performance 1. The squad will now be just known as Performance. The Monday session will change from 7 till 8.45pm to a new time 6.30 till 8pm. All other sessions remain apart from Sunday which will be cancelled for Performance. This will allow the swimmers a day off and encourage increased attendance at the morning sessions on Tue, Thur and Saturday.

Regional Squad. Selected swimmers will be invited to join this squad, the new group is required to address the current broad range of ages and ability in Performance 1 which don’t allow the coaches the required focus on those looking to achieve at the higher levels. The squad will Swim Monday, 2 hrs from 6 till 8pm. Tues am 6 till 7 am, Wed will be a day off, Thurs morning 6 till 7am and 2 hrs 6 till 8pm Thursday evening. Fri 7 till 8.30pm, Sat 7 till 8.30am and Sundays 2 hrs 5pm till 7pm.  All starting from Mon 3rd June

Performance 2. Will be renamed as County Squad to better reflect the level of swimming required for the group. Swimmers will be expected to achieve a required standard of performance and attitude. The Monday session will change from 6 till 7pm to a new time of 5 till 6.30pm.  The Thursday session will also move to 5 till 6.30pm. Saturday will move to the later slot from 8.30 till 9.30am and Sunday will be earlier from 4pm till 5.30 pm. The squad are still offered and strongly encouraged to attend the morning sessions on Tues and Thursday from 6 till 7am

Performance 3 and Dev. These squads will be realigned and those currently in this group will be invited to either join the new County squad detailed above, to remain with the current training times as our new “junior” squad or, to move to a rebranded “Development” squad who will swim later than current. Mon 6 till 7pm, Thurs 6 till 7pm, Sat as current and Sunday 5 till 6pm

The full timetable will be published on the LOBSC website.

LOBSC Swim Timetable June 2019