Club Championship Schedule

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Club Championships 2019 will commence on Saturday 21st September and the events will be spread over 2 weekends comprising of a total of 6 sessions completing on Sunday 6th October.

The full 2019 Club Championship Schedule can be downloaded here Club Champs Schedule 2019

Sat Morning 21st Sept – Session 1 start 7am finish 9.30am
1 Boys 800m Free 2 Girls 1500m Free
Sat Night 21st Sept – Session 2 start 6pm finish 9pm
3 Boys 400m Free 4 Girls 200m IM
5 Boys 100m Breast 6 Girls 100m Back
7 Boys 50m Back 8 Girls 50m Breast
9 Boys 200m Fly 10 Girls 200m Free
F Finals 50m Events only
Sun Evening 22nd Sept – Session 3 start 4pm finish 7pm
11 Girls 400m IM
12 Boys 200m Back 13 Girls 100m Free
14 Boys 100m Fly 15 Girls 200m Breast
16 Boys 50m Fly 17 Girls 50m Free
18 Boys 100m IM
F Finals 50m Events and 100IM
Sat Morning 5th Oct – Session 4 start 7am finish 9.30am
19 Girls 800m Free
20 Boys 1500m Free
Sat Night 5th Oct – Session 5 start 6pm finish 9pm
21 Girls 400m Free
22 Boys 200m IM 23 Girls 100m Breast
24 Boys 100m Back 25 Girls 50m Back
26 Boys 50m Breast 27 Girls 200m Fly
28 Boys 200m Free
F Finals 50m Events only
Sun Evening 6th Oct – Session 6 start 4pm finish 7pm
29 Boys 400m IM 30 Girls 200m Back
31 Boys 100m Free 32 Girls 100m Fly
33 Boys 200m Breast 34 Girls 50m Fly
35 Boys 50m Free 36 Girls 100m IM
F Finals 50m Events and 100IM