LOBSC Novice Gala

There will usually be four Novice Galas hosted by LOBSC every year.

Novice Galas are an opportunity for the Novice swimmer to measure their progress, gain experience and put into practice the skills taught at the club training sessions. Events will be banded on:

  1. Ability – slower and first time swimmers will aim to achieve the Club Award times over 25 metres. Swimmers who achieve those times, or faster, compete for the Bronze Award times over 50 metres in those strokes they have achieved club times. Swimmers who achieve the Bronze time, or faster, for a stroke before they submit their form may no longer compete in Novice Galas for those strokes.
  2. Age – two age groups, 8 & Under and 9 & Over (with the exception of the Individual Medley event, which is all ages combined). Events may be swum with age groups combined, but results will be separated out into the age groups previously described.

Please Note:

  • There will be medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each event.
  • There will be separate events for boys and girls, however to save pool time, races may be swum concurrently where entries permit.
  • All results will be Heat Declared Winner. This means that the fastest 3 swimmers from all heats combined will be awarded the medals i.e winning a heat is no guarantee of a medal swimmers will need to wait until all heats for that stroke have been swum to establish their placement.
  • We are required by the ASA to disqualify swimmers who swim strokes incorrectly. This may be upsetting at the time, but benefits the swimmer in the longer term. Details of disqualifications will be published so swimmers and coaches will know why, and the fault can be worked on in training.
  • If you are not sure what events to enter, please ask your teacher/coach.
  • Photos for local press will usually be taken however only swimmers that are wearing poolside kit can be included.
25m Club Time 50m Bronze Time
Freestyle 23.00 41.04
Backstroke 26.00 46.07
Breaststroke 28.00 52.00
Butterfly 31.00 49.80
4 x 25 Individual Medley 02:23.00 01:50.50
On achievement of these times you will be automatically entered for the 50m of the stroke On achievement of these times you will no longer be eligible to enter that stroke at the Novice Gala
NB: Club or Bronze times can be achieved at other events not just novice gala we will consider the swimmers personal best times we have recorded to determine eligibility

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